Tail Lights Tinting by Tinting Motors

Taillights tint wrap film: 

We Don’t Tint Your Lights, We Transform Them!

Want to smoke out your automotive tail lights? We can smoke out your headlights, side markers, fog lights or whatever you have in mind. We use the highest quality vinyl material and apply it to match the color of your preference.

100% safely removable  made from a high-quality, pliable 6 mil transparent protective film with adhesive-backing. Used to give your tail lamps that stylish look you prefer!

We Lay It, We Don’t Spray It

If you’re here chances are that you’ve already had to wade through thousands of YouTube videos and forum posts telling you to dip your lights. Now, don’t get us wrong because we like the look of a dipped taillight as much as the next guy and we even sell Plasti-dip but when it comes to performance and durability nothing comes to a vinyl taillight film. You see, when you dip your vehicles  lights you end up with a great looking result that can easily be scratched off. What these means is that any one can destroy your smoked taillights in no time with a little time and opportunity or even during car wash so it will start fading..

Audi A5 Taillights Tint & Spoiler Wrap


Porsche 911 Clear Headlights Protection Film

Porsche Xpel paint protection film

High Gloss Carbon Fiber wrap

carbon gloss vinyl wrap

Infiniti headlights & Taillights Wrap Film

infiniti Headlights Tinting

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Headlights Wrap Film

DD Sick Headlight wrap

Subaru WRX Taiilights Tinting


Mustang GT Headlights Smoke Film

Mustang Headlights Wrap film

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Taillights Blue & black smoke tinting

WRX taillights wrap film

Ford Taillights Smoke Wrap Film

Tail Lights Tinting

Land Rover Range Rover Headlights Wrap Film

Rango Rover Taillights Tinting

Cadillac CT6 Gold 24K Trims Wrap

Gold 24K trim Wrap

Mercedes-Benz CLA Taillights Wrap Film

Mercedes benz taillights tinting

Dodge Ram Taillights Wrap Film

Toyota Tundra taillights wrap film

GTR Taillights Wrap

Nissan GTR window tint

Polaris Slingshot Taillight Tint Film

Polaris Slingshot tail light tint film

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat headlights tinting

Chevy Surburban tailllight wrap film

Chevy Surburban tail light wrap film

BMW Taillights Smoke

BMW Taillights Smoke

Audi S3 Taillights Smoke

Audi S3 Taillights Smoke

BMW Taillights Smoke Wrap

BMW Taillights Smoke Wrap

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