Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

This Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT came all the way from Brooklyn to receive the full Tinting Motors treatment. When you live in Brooklyn, your car can be the impact of many accidents. Even by just leaving your car parked, you risk someone hitting your bumper. This is why this customer decided to add an XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film and Ceramic Pro coating. This helps increase the longevity and quality of your vehicle. He also chose to get 3M FX-PREMIUM window film on the two front windows in order to match the back windows.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is the ultimate protection from any small damage that could happen to your car. This customer chose to get the paint protection film on the front and rear bumper since this is where he believed he would have the most impact due to where he lives. Especially for anyone who parks their car on the street, you risk someone damaging your car. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS helps protect your paint, while still maintaining a nice, glossy look. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is one of the best paint protection films out there. It doesn’t change its color or quality after a short time like most other films in the industry. XPEL guarantees you a 10-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening. Paint Protection film is a clear polyurethane film that contains self-healing features. It helps protect the car from any scratches, dents, or swirls that might impact the car. All you need is a little bit of heat and the damage will disappear right before your eyes.

For extra protection on the car, this customer decided to add Ceramic Pro the rest of the vehicle. He chose our gold package which includes, 4 layers of 9H for the ultimate protection. Ceramic coating is a nano-glass shield over your entire vehicle. This coating helps protect against any light scratches, UV rays, and corrosions. It also has self-cleaning properties, while protecting your car. Ceramic coating helps keep your car clean and doesn’t let any water stick to your car. Your car will look spotless for as long as possible. The gold package even comes with a lifetime warranty!

Most trucks come with 20% window film on the rear windows, so to have a uniformed look we added the tints to the front windows as well. 3M FX window film is a great choice on any vehicle. It has a great quality and the color does not wear off. It rejects up to 45% of heat and 99.9% of ultraviolet light. 3M FX-PREMIUM significantly reduces glare compared to standard grade films. We are a 3M certified dealer, so you are guaranteed the best quality work.

After 14 plus years of experience, we can assure our customer satisfaction! At Tinting Motors, we have certified XPEL factory trained persona guaranteeing the job is done right to your vehicle and you!

Paint Protection Film Packages

Covers the leading 24” of the hood and fenders, bumper and backs of the painted mirrors

Covers the entire hood, painted front bumper, and backs of the painted mirrors

Covers the entire hood and fenders, backs of the painted mirrors and the entire painted front bumper

Covers the entire car including headlights

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rocker panels


Coating Packages