2017 Rolls Royce Ghost

2017 Rolls Royce Ghost

60% 3M Crystalline Window Tint Installation and XPEL Paint Protection Clear Bra, Long Island, NY

Here at Tinting Motors we had the honor of working on the 2017 Rolls Royce Ghost. With a touch of 50% 3M Crystalline Car window tint, light shade performed all around the vehicle is designed to enhance the view by allowing visible light into the vehicle while keeping heat out!

What gives the beautiful Rolls Royce a glossy look you ask? Fully wrapped in XPEL Film, self-healing coat paint protection it is constructed not only to prevent the film from discoloration resistance but from heavy stains occurred by bird droppings, air pollution and road grime. Rolls Royce Ghost drives around Long Island without having to worry upon fine scratches and swirl marks.

Here at Tinting Motors we guarantee clear bra film protection is virtually invisible throughout appearance. In using only, the highest standard and premium products 3M automotive Window Tinting, XPEL, and Ceramic coating this 2016 Rolls Royce has a grand look to the detailed features of the vehicle to ensure beauty on the road.

After 14 plus years of experience we can assure our customer satisfaction! At Tinting Motors, we are certified XPEL factory trained persona guaranteeing the job is done right to your vehicle and you!